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This section encompasses anyone else that worked at the Poorhouse or was paid by the Poorhouse to do work for certain projects. Some of the people you will find here include: inspectors of the House, farm hands, domestics or servants, and builders. Some of these staff members stayed and worked at the House for many years while others did contract work for a short period in order to earn enough money to move away.

Herbert Joseph Bowman

Herbert Joseph Bowman was the Inspector of the House from 1906 until his death in 1916. He was also a prominent member on the County Council, holding the position of County Clerk and Treasurer from 1896 until 1916.

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Lydia Stockley

Lydia Stockley lived as a spinster and in destitution for the majority of her life and entered the Poorhouse three times due to pregnancy.

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Thomas and Jane Reading

Thomas and Jane Reading lived and worked in the House in 1880-1881. Once they began having a family, they decided to pack up and move to Niagara where they could be closer to Jane’s parents. Thomas helped establish a lot of the farm land around the House.

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Joseph Michael Carl

Joseph Michael Carl worked at the Poorhouse as a staff member for two decades as a farm hand and hospital nurse. He eventually entered the Poorhouse as an inmate a few years after he finished working there.

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