Joseph/John Clough was first admitted to the Poorhouse on September 17, 1890. The Registry states that he was crippled, 54 years old, and had been living in Galt for 30 years. He stayed at the House for about a year before he escaped on August 21, 1891.

As seen in the Berlin Record in 1893, John Clough served a six month sentence as a vagrant in jail in Galt. The article below states that he was “Suffering from a loathsome disease, which rendered him a more fit subject for a hospital cot than a prison cell”. The article deemed him incurable by a doctor at the Galt Hospital and then stated that he was sent to a gaol in Galt. He was treated by a physician in the jail, and left “a cured man”. He is described as being arrested as a vagrant and committed to the Berlin Jail where he was still staying when the article was written in 1893.



Berlin Daily Record, February 27th 1893; Source: Kitchener Public Library Archives


After his stay at the Berlin Jail, the Berlin Daily Record published a follow-up article to Joseph’s story.



Berlin Daily Record, March 6th 1893; Source: Kitchener Public Library Archives


Joseph returned to the Poorhouse on March 25 1893, this time committed for intemperance, spending 50 days there before leaving again. He returned July 12, and escaped again on October 20th. He was returned to the Poorhouse again November 8th, this time staying for two years until 1895. He worked on maintenance of the chapel at the House in 1894 and received $9.00 for his work. 



Joseph Clough paid to work on Chapel, 1894 Cashbooks; Source: Region of Waterloo Archives


He continued to do odd jobs around the House, such as in 1895 he worked on the elevator and received $2.00.



Joseph Clough working on Elevator, 1895 Cashbooks; Source: Region of Waterloo Archives


Joseph committed suicide on November 15, 1895. his death record stated that he died from “Suicide taking carbonic acid”.



Joseph Clough’s Death Record, 1895 Source: