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Gehr Family

The five Gehr children entered the Poorhouse in 1873 without parents. All children were adopted or sent out to work, two returning to the House pregnant many years later.

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George Wolf

George Wolf managed to escape from the Poorhouse a total of six times before he eventually decided to stay and died there a while later.

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Sharpe Family

After immigrating from England to Waterloo, the Sharpe family ended up in the Poorhouse due to an outbreak of smallpox. All members of the family recovered and left the House five months later.

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Wagner Family

Paul Wagner was a vagrant who took on two wives at the same time, the first wife being the aunt of the second wife. After abandoning both these women, he took on a third wife for a while and eventually was sent from the Poorhouse to the London Insane Asylum.

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Albert Hunt & Harriet Moore

Albert Hunt stayed briefly in the Poorhouse but made an impact on the residents and staff as being an upstanding and tidy man who liked to play music for the other residents.

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Frederick and Katie Salm

Admitted to the Poorhouse in 1869, Frederick Salm was described by William Jaffray as “the worst idiot in the place”. He stayed in the Poorhouse for 10 years and was then sent to the Hamilton Asylum

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