Category: Community Leaders

The individuals who make up this section include a variety of middle and upper class members of Waterloo County that contributed in some way to the House of Industry and Refuge. You will find stories on some of the reeves and mayors who committed paupers to the House, some who provided supplies or provisions, some of the people who advocated for better treatment of the inmates, and others who were indifferent or prejudice towards the people in the House.

Hibner Family

Several of the Hibner family members came to live and die in the Poorhouse during the second half of the nineteenth century. Daniel Hibner, who never stayed in the Poorhouse but had many relatives that did, became a prominent figure in Kitchener from being the mayor of Berlin in 1894 and founding a furniture under his name.

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Herbert Joseph Bowman

Herbert Joseph Bowman was the Inspector of the House from 1906 until his death in 1916. He was also a prominent member on the County Council, holding the position of County Clerk and Treasurer from 1896 until 1916.

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William Jaffray

William Jaffray was continuously engaged with the community, taking on a number of different roles throughout his life. He became interested with the daily routine of the Poorhouse and later went on to publish his findings to shed light on the people residing within it.

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Israel D. Bowman

Israel D. Bowman was the first House of Refuge Inspector that held the position until his death in 1896.

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