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The Marti Family

“Of all the inmates of the Waterloo County House of Industry and Refuge throughout the years none was better known than Bismark, the deaf mute who spent his waking hours trudging up and down Frederick Street within the bounds of poor-house property dressed in the red coat of a British soldier. “

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Hibner Family

Several of the Hibner family members came to live and die in the Poorhouse during the second half of the nineteenth century. Daniel Hibner, who never stayed in the Poorhouse but had many relatives that did, became a prominent figure in Kitchener from being the mayor of Berlin in 1894 and founding a furniture under his name.

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John Hudson

“The Old Man Hudson is in tolerable health for his age-getting weak and frail-although in this kind of weather he is still able to come out to church of a Sunday”

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The Groff Family

The Groff family had a total of eight relatives stay at the House between 1878-1939, almost the entirety of the Poorhouse’s operation. Five of the relatives were sent to Hamilton Insane Asylum and the Orillia Hospital of the Feeble-Minded from the House.

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Edwin Murphy

Edwin was admitted to the Poorhouse on November 5th 1877, after having shot himself in the chest with a revolver.

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