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Margaret Heddle

Margaret Heddle was allegedly abused by the Keeper and Matron of the time, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, and wrote a letter to the King of England asking to be taken out of the House due to the ongoing abuse.

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Herbert Washington and Lucy Martin

Herbert and Lucy Martin, the former being the son of George and Annie Elizabeth Martin who were the managers of the House prior to Herbert and Lucy, were the Keeper and Matron of the House, respectively, from 1916-1933. They were the managers that spearheaded the House’s transition from being a poorhouse to becoming a “Home for Old People”.

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Annie and Edward Dollar

Edward Dollar lived at the Poorhouse for the first 2 years of his life with his mother in 1906. After they were discharged from the House, Annie sent Edward to an orphanage. Edward was eventually sent to the Orillia Hospital for the Feeble-Minded at the age of 9.

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Nancy Lassert

Nancy was committed to the Poorhouse on November 22, 1905, listed as an “Idiot”. She remained at the House until 1908 when she died of paralysis.

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