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Frederick Helwig

Frederick Helwig was born around 1840 in Germany. He was living in Waterloo County before he entered the Poorhouse on January 5 1878, at 38 years old. No occupation is listed for him and the cause of pauperism is “weak intellect”. He stayed at the House for about three months before he is discharged. He was committed for a second time to the House on June 4 of that same year. He stayed at the House for about a year when he was sent to the County Gaol for being too dangerous to live with the other House residents. ...

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The Groff Family

The Groff family had a total of eight relatives stay at the House between 1878-1939, almost the entirety of the Poorhouse’s operation. Five of the relatives were sent to Hamilton Insane Asylum and the Orillia Hospital of the Feeble-Minded from the House.

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