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Wieland Family

A family that was committed to the House on several occasions due to destitution and the father’s intemperance.

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The Marti Family

“Of all the inmates of the Waterloo County House of Industry and Refuge throughout the years none was better known than Bismark, the deaf mute who spent his waking hours trudging up and down Frederick Street within the bounds of poor-house property dressed in the red coat of a British soldier. “

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Jemima Frame

Jemima Frame came from a well-off marriage but unfortunately due to becoming a widow and having no other source of income or financial security, Jemima was treated very poorly when she lived in the Poorhouse which amounted to her death in 1888. The incident is brought to light during the 1893 trial against the Itter’s management.

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William Wright

William Wright entered the Poorhouse on December 3, 1883 and died September 21, 1884 of old age.

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Strasburger Family

Henrietta Strasburger played a role in attesting against the Itter’s during the 1893 Scandal and subsequent trial.

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Edwin Murphy

Edwin was admitted to the Poorhouse on November 5th 1877, after having shot himself in the chest with a revolver.

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