In this section, you will be able to view some of the different types of archives and resources that we used in order to get our information for our research.

The archives available for the House of Industry and Refuge include:

The Register of Paupers, Vagrants, & Idiots received at the House of Industry and Refuge

Death Register Burial Entries

Minutes of the Standing Committee for the House of Industry and Refuge

Keeper’s Cash Account (also called Cashbooks)

House and Farm Expenditures

Book of Letter Transcriptions (1865-1909)

Residents’ Complaints & Treatments from 1935-1944


All of these records were provided by the Region of Waterloo Archives


Other resources that we used for our research include: 

The Journal of the Proceedings & By-Laws of the Municipal Council of the County of Waterloo (1854-1964)

Newspaper articles from the archives at the Kitchener Public Library

Canadiana Records

City of Kitchener Archives

Region of Waterloo Museum archives

Board of Health in Kitchener

Ontario Sessional Papers

William Jaffray’s and Mabel Dunham’s accounts of the Poorhouse

Waterloo Generations


Below you are able to view some of the archives that we have been working with in their original format.


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