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George and Anna Eliza Martin

George and Anna Eliza Martin were the Keeper and Matron of the House of Industry and Refuge from 1898-1916, holding the position for the longest period of time.

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Peter and Alvina Itter

Peter and Susannah Itter began working as the managers of the Poorhouse in 1880. Shortly after Susannah’s death in 1886, Peter married a staff member of the Poorhouse, Alvina. After Peter and Alvina began working together, accusations began to come out against the misconduct and poor treatment that they were exhibiting towards the inmates. The accusations accumulated in the Scandal of 1893.

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Richard McMahon

Richard McMahon (1826-1894) was the first keeper of the Poorhouse. He was living in North Waterloo in the 1851 census. He was married to Diane McMahon (Nee Dekay) ( 1836-1899) in 1857 and they are listed as living together in North Waterloo in the 1861 census. Diane and Richard had a daughter, Ida McMahon, Born November 2, 1863. Ida worked as the second librarian at the Kitchener library for many years. She was married to Richard Cram in 1902, however the marriage did not last long as Richard went on to remarry. Ida McMahon died on May 6, 1936.     Richard was offered the position of Poorhouse Keeper in 1869 at a salary of 400 dollars a year. The letter from Israel Bowman reads:   Mr. Richard McMahon Bridgeport Dear Sir,         I have the honor to inform you that you were this day appointed, to the Office of Keeper to the House of Industry and Refuge, by the Corporation of the County of Waterloo – at an annual salary of three hundred dollars with board and lodging at the expense of the said Corporation –         I enclose herewith the form of declaration you are required to make before myself or any magistrate – the same to be filed in my Office. I am D sir, Your obdt serv Israel D. Bowman County Clerk   His wife, Diane, was...

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