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Margaret Heddle

Margaret Heddle was allegedly abused by the Keeper and Matron of the time, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, and wrote a letter to the King of England asking to be taken out of the House due to the ongoing abuse.

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Herbert Washington and Lucy Martin

Herbert and Lucy Martin, the former being the son of George and Annie Elizabeth Martin who were the managers of the House prior to Herbert and Lucy, were the Keeper and Matron of the House, respectively, from 1916-1933. They were the managers that spearheaded the House’s transition from being a poorhouse to becoming a “Home for Old People”.

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Jemima Frame

Jemima Frame came from a well-off marriage but unfortunately due to becoming a widow and having no other source of income or financial security, Jemima was treated very poorly when she lived in the Poorhouse which amounted to her death in 1888. The incident is brought to light during the 1893 trial against the Itter’s management.

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Peter and Alvina Itter

Peter and Susannah Itter began working as the managers of the Poorhouse in 1880. Shortly after Susannah’s death in 1886, Peter married a staff member of the Poorhouse, Alvina. After Peter and Alvina began working together, accusations began to come out against the misconduct and poor treatment that they were exhibiting towards the inmates. The accusations accumulated in the Scandal of 1893.

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Lucinda Potter

Lucinda Potter had a very difficult and isolated childhood, entering the Poorhouse when she was just 9 years old and then being sent back and forth four times from the House to families wanting to use her for child labour in their farms and houses.

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