Annie Dollar was born to parents John Dollar (1862-1954) and Maggie Wilson (1862-1943) in 1885 in Galt, Ontario. She was the eldest of 5 children: Margaret (1887-1887), Ellen Maud (1889-1973), Francetta (1894-), and Thomas Wilson (1895-1956). Annie and her siblings grew up in Galt where her father, John, worked as a Safe Maker. She attended school until she was 9 years old and then left to perhaps work or help out with her siblings at home.

At some point over the next few years, Annie met or came into contact with Edward Macey and became pregnant. At about 7 months pregnant, Annie entered the Poorhouse on March 26, 1906. She was transferred to the Berlin-Waterloo Hospital in early May and gave birth to her son, Edward. They returned to the House together on May 13, 1906 when Edward was just a few days old. Annie and Edward stayed at the House until November 10, 1907 when they were discharged. It is unclear where they went at this time. Annie was living with her parents and Grandmother, Annie, in Galt in 1911. She was working as a domestic at a hotel where she was working 70 hours/week and earning $420.00/year. Later that year, Annie was married to Fred Henshaw Cooper on December 14, 1911.


1911 Annie’s Marriage Certificate; Source:



A few years later, Edward was sent to the Orillia Hospital for the Feeble-Minded. His parents are listed as Edward Macy and Annie Dollar. He was sent to Orillia by C.R. Miller, who was a reverend working at the Berlin Orphanage. This could mean that Edward was sent to the Berlin Orphanage a little while after he left the Poorhouse. On the Orillia Hospital Registry (source: Ontario Archives), the cause of Edward’s admittance is listed as “unascertained”. Edward remained at the Orillia Hospital for the Feeble-Minded until his death on September 19, 1920, he was 14 years old. The cause of death is listed as tuberculosis. On the Death Records (source: Ontario Archives), Edward’s mental state is listed as being “idiotic” and that the type of mental state is “genetic”. He died at the Out Hospital and was buried in the institution’s cemetery.


1920 Edward Dollar’s Death Certificate; Source:


As for Annie, she and her husband moved to Galt where they started a family. They had 6 children together.